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The Shelter

Animal Shelter Bonaire
Animal Shelter Bonaire

The Bonaire Animal Shelter is a refuge for cats and dogs until they are adopted by their new owners.

The Bonaire Animal Shelter also provides a boarding place for cats and dogs and started a gift shop on the premises to help raise money to sustain the shelter.

Refuge for cats and dogs

shelter-mandyBonaire Animal Shelter is a refuge for dogs and cats that can no longer be cared for by their owners, have been abandoned, or were born in the wild and brought to us by concerned citizens and tourists.
The shelter can house 60 adult dogs and 35 adult cats, 10 puppy’s and 10 kittens.
Our staff and volunteers take very good care of these animals. All animals are dewormed, vaccinated, neutered or castrated and if necessary treated for any illnesses. Then they wait for a new home.

Boarding Place

Bonaire Animal Shelter provides a boarding place for the cats and dogs of Bonaire. The boarding kennel caters to approximately 8 to 10 dogs and 4 cats.
Each boarding animal must be fully vaccinated before entering the Bonaire Boarding Kennel. Proof of vaccinations is mandatory in order to protect your pet, as well as the other animals living in the facility. We require dogs to be flea/tick treated with a product such as Frontline, Nexgard or other long lasting product prior to arrival, otherwise, they are to be treated upon arrival.

Boarding Rates
Daily Dog Boarding Rates:
One dog – $8,50 / day
Two dogs in one kennel – $12,- /day
Daily Cat Boarding Rates:
One cat – $5,50 / day
Two cats in one kennel $10,- a day

Gift Shop

Help fund our cause by shopping in our new gift shop. We have a wide selection of dog tops, leashes, animal gifts, t-shirts for you to choose from featuring our new logo printed on them. These items would make a great gift for any animal lover.

shelter-mary-and-puppiesCurrent Activities

The current activities of the Bonaire Animal Shelter are:

  • Education programs for schoolchildren
    The intention of these programs is creating more understanding and awareness of the needs of animals, in particular house pets.
  • Sterilization fund                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Let’s “fix” the pet overpopulation problem! The Bonaire Animal Shelter tries to stimulate the spaying and neutering of dogs and cats. Publicity and providing information will remain for us priorities in order to acquire the necessary funds and to stimulate the sterilization program. You can make contributions to the fund by means of a donation, a deposit on MCB bank account Animal Shelter Bonaire Acct#10237800 reference “Sterilization Fund”.



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