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Pakus di Pruga

Pakus di Pruga Bonaire is a second hand shop run by volunteers to benefit the Animal Shelter Bonaire. It is the Animal Shelter’s every Saturday Garage Sale on Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean. All funds raised at this garage sale, will go towards the Animal Shelter Bonaire.

Pakus di Pruga

Fundraising Saturday

The construction of the new Animal Shelter Bonaire Pakus di Pruga is underway and making progress! A simple and practical design using shipping containers with a covered area between them will result in a customer friendly place with lots of space. The new location is just down the street from Caribbean Laundry and will be open soon. Stay tuned to the Animal Shelter’s Pakus Facebook page for details about the opening.

Cruise Market

Have you spotted our stall at the cruise market yet? Every Friday, and on the other days when a cruise ship is moored, our volunteers are present to sell items for Animal Shelter Bonaire. Come by for the nicest t-shirts, paintings, bags, keychains and much more! The proceeds go entirely to our animals and we can therefore really use them.