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Free Sterilization Program

The Bonaire Animal Shelter tries to stimulate the spaying and neutering of dogs and cats. In 2004 we started the sterilization fund to make it accessible for pet owners on Bonaire. The spaying and neutering is free of charge and paid by the Animal Shelter Bonaire to the local vets.

free spay neuter campaign animal shelter Bonaire

Free Sterilization Program

This sterilization funds is still going strong with an average of spaying and neutering 500 animals per year! Frequently users of our funds like Fundashon Kunuku Kakelvers make use of this program a lot! We’re glad to help!

Our hardworking volunteers

Thanks to our hardworking volunteers, they run a thrift shop every Saturday at the Pakus di Pruga and The Shelter market booth during the cruise season. Thanks to all who make contributions to the fund by means of a donation; like at the Animal Shelter dog house donation boxes in many shops and businesses on Bonaire. Without you we couldn’t keep on going!

For information

For information how to make use of the sterilization program. Call 7174989/ 7014989 or e-mail to the Animal Shelter Bonaire