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Boarding Place

Bonaire Animal Shelter provides a boarding place for the cats and dogs of Bonaire. The boarding kennel caters to approximately 8 to 10 dogs and 4 cats.
Each boarding animal must be fully vaccinated before entering the Bonaire Boarding Kennel. Proof of vaccinations is mandatory in order to protect your pet, as well as the other animals living in the facility. We require dogs to be flee/tick treated with a product such as Frontline prior to arrival, otherwise, they are to be treated upon arrival.

Boarding Rates
Daily Dog Boarding Rates:
One dog – $9,50 / day
Two dogs in one kennel – $14,- /day
Three dogs in one kennel – $16,- /day
Daily Cat Boarding Rates:
One cat – $5,50 / day
Two cats in one kennel $10,- a day