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lost and found on Bonaire

Lost and found

Pets can go missing for a variety of reasons but there are steps you can take to help find them quickly.

First, even before your pet goes missing, you should microchip your pet. This can be done at either one of the veterinarians on the island. Register the chip number along with your name, phone number and address at both veterinarians and at Animal Shelter Bonaire. The numbers will be entered into a database and if your pet is found, the Animal Shelter, Dierenbescherming, Dierenhulp or the veterinarians can scan your pet for the chip number and locate you quickly. Be sure to update your address with these
organizations if you move.

Second, join the Facebook group Pet Alert Bonaire. This well moderated page is the best way to reach the most people with information that your pet is lost or that you have found a lost pet. If you do not use Facebook, you can ask a friend to post for you.

Third, contact Animal Shelter Bonaire to see if someone has brought in your lost pet or
to report that your pet is missing.

Fourth, be sure you have proof of ownership of your pet. When reclaiming a lost pet, Animal Shelter Bonaire, the veterinarians, and other animal welfare organizations may require proof that you are indeed the owner of the animal. Be sure you have photo identification for yourself and one or more of the following when you go to reclaim your animal: vaccination/health booklet from your veterinarian, proof of chip number, family photos of you and your pet, veterinarian bills.

Also check the shelter on Facebook 

Shelter Manager: Sanne Attevelt

Kaminda Lagoen 26
Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean
Phone: 0599-7174989 or 0599-7014989
E-Mail: animalshelterbonaire@gmail.com