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Wire haired Xante found in the drop off cage

Xante and Shelter Manager, Marlies
Xante and Shelter Manager, Marlies

“Xante” (pronounced “Santi”) just loves being held, and here she is with Bonaire  Animal Shelter Manager Marlies. Xante looks like a real scouring pad on legs and she gives true meaning to the term, “wire haired.” But inside her nature is loving and friendly. Playing with the Shelter staff and with the other dogs is top on her list.  She’s about seven months old and will be a medium size dog.

She was dropped off at the cage, the Kouchi di Bestia, outside the Shelter so her history isn’t known. What is known is that this is a very special dog that everyone just loves. She deserves to go to the most loving home. Xante has been examined by the vet, has had her tests and shots and is ready to go. The dog adoption fee of NAƒ125 includes all that plus sterilization.

You may see her at the Shelter on the Lagoen Road, open Monday through Saturday, 9-1 and 3 to 5. Tel. 717-4989

Bonaire Reporter – May 7-21, 2010, Story & photo by Laura DeSalvo

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