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Who is this perky little pup peeking out of the Shelter truck?

Moviestar Jannie
Why, it’s “Janny,” the Shelter’s first movie star! Janny stars with two 10-year-old girls and a grandmother in the film, “Kasita,” filmed in Bonaire recently by a film crew from New York. It’s a modern tale but deals with the ending of slavery.

One of the production staff came to the Animal Shelter, looking for the perfect dog for the film. It had to be a typical Bonairean dog, mellow, not scared, and be able to relate to two little 10-year-old girls. Janny turned out to be that and more. She proved herself as an actress, doing as she was told and even during a press conference with cameras, people, noise, she just sat quietly under the chair of one of the Shelter staff. Her personality came out as she got hugs, special treatment and snacks! Janny was found on the street and brought into the Shelter. Her life kind of parallels the theme of the movie. We understand the premiere will be in New York in November and a showing will be here in Bonaire later.

Bonaire Reporter, Laura DeSalvo, September 2-16, 2013

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