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Who Cares? They did!

pets of the week feb 2010Last week on Monday Leandro Martinez and Luis Flores were conducting a guided tour on ATV quads with cruise ship passengers.

Somewhere along the road from Lagun to Spelonk one of the tourists spotted a puppy. The whole caravan came to a standstill when one puppy after another came stumbling from behind the rocks. The joint effort resulted in the rescue of 10 puppies of barely six weeks old. Alas, the mother was nowhere to be found.

pets of the week feb 2010That afternoon Leandro and Luis came to the Bonaire Animal Shelter saying, “We have a  problem,” and with big smiles they handed the Shelter’s staff one of the quad’s blue boxes filled to capacity with the 10 puppies. Sadly, three of the pups didn’t make it, but the other seven are doing fine.

As they were covered in a tsunami of lice they were bathed repeatedly, they were also dewormed and got their shots. They’re still a bit wobbly and sleeping a lot, but in a week or two they will be strong and handsome and ready for adoption! Thanks to Leandro and Luis and the tourists seven little dogs’ lives were saved because they cared!

In addition to this event, the Shelter has built a new facility for the public to use: a kennel outside the gate where people can drop off pets at any time.  Leaving an animal at the Shelter has always been for free and it always will be, but somehow there are still people who prefer to dump the pets in the mondi which hopefully won’t be necessary anymore.

Greta Kooistra, Bonaire Reporter, February 5-19, 2010

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