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The shelter needs volunteers – Pups of the week

puppies of the weekOne of the nicest things about the Bonaire Animal Shelter is that it’s such a fun place to volunteer. Where else can you get so much appreciation for just showing up!

When you see those wagging tails and smiling dog faces you’ll know what I mean. In the photo are three of the young volunteers enjoying being overrun by puppies. Amber has been a loyal volunteer since 2005 and one of the pups’ favorites. She invited her good friend, Daniela, to join her and now both girls are there every Saturday morning. Jens is just starting out as a volunteer and is doing a good job getting the puppies to play and have fun.

Right now the Shelter needs volunteers for during the week, Monday through Friday, preferably from 8 to 10 am to work with the dogs – cleaning, feeding and just socializing with them. Other times are okay too. (The cats at the moment seem to have their own team of special volunteers who’ve got them covered just fine.)

If you have some time give them a call at 717-4989. There are lots of puppies to choose from at the Shelter right now and more are coming in every day. We all love them but when there are too many what can we do? The Shelter has been running a Sterilization Campaign for a number of years, trying to make a dent in the number of unwanted puppies and kittens being born.

For those who can’t afford it, the sterilization is free or whatever the owner is able to pay. Please, if you feel strongly about helping, contribute to the “Sterilization Fund,” MCB Account 10616410. The money goes only for sterilizations. Any amount is very much appreciated and can make a big difference. This last year the Fund provided for 225 sterilizations!

L.D. Bonaire Reporter Janauary 16 – February 13, 2009

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