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Terra and Colton: pets of the week

Pets of the week : Terra and Colton
Pets of the week : Terra and Colton at the Animal Shelter Bonaire

Here’s “Terra” cuddling up with visitor Colton Reed, 9. Colton, who lives in Cobb, California, was here on a visit to his Bonaire family and of course wouldn’t miss a trip to the Animal Shelter.
He’s shown with Terra, one of the most outstanding dogs at the Shelter right now. Although she isn’t a striking beauty, her inner character shines through and makes us fall in love with her. She comes highly rated by the Shelter staff and gets along well with kids, other dogs and even cats. She’s about a year and a half old with frizzy fur and short but efficient legs. She’s sterilized and healthy and very social.And she’s enjoying being hugged by Colton.

Colton remarked that he thought it was great that the animals get to be together here at the Shelter and that he could actually go in and play with them. The Shelter he visited in the States wouldn’t allow that, he said. They are all kept in separate cages. Another kudo for our Shelter.

Bonaire Reporter – August 13-27, 2010, Story & photo by Laura DeSalvo

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