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Sterilization Campaign Update

wongOn May 15 the Animal Shelter started a large scale campaign to reduce the amount of stray and street dogs on Bonaire.
This project is called, “Bonny, the Superdog,” and so far more than 300 dogs have been sterilized. Number 300 was the dog from the Wing Cheung Supermarket on Kaya Korona. The dog’s name is Wong – a sturdy Rottweiler look-a-like who had given birth to a fairly large amount of puppies. Wong’s owners felt it was time for Wong to retire and decided to have her sterilized. The operation went well and when Wong got home she was welcomed with a big bowl of chicken legs.
Every dog a Superdog!

So, in the meantime more than 300 dogs have been sterilized, but the goal of “Bonny, the Superdog” sterilization project is to sterilize 500 dogs. This way, the Bonaire Animal Shelter hopes to contribute to changing many dogs’ lives into Superdog lives!

For more information about this free sterilization campaign you can contact the Shelter at: Dierenasiel Bonaire, Kaminda Lagun 26, Bonaire.

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