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Shelter Statistics

Everything you always wanted to know about the Animal Shelter Bonaire, but were too afraid to ask!
Stuff worth knowing about the shelter Bonaire. Fun facts and fascinating numbers about the cats and dogs that live in the shelter and about the people that work there.

Did you kow that the dogs at the Animal Shelter Bonaire produce 25 kilos of poop… every day. And cats 5 kilos. Did you know that about 30 volunteers work at the Animal Shelter… that is 7300 volunteers hours per year. And did you know that the shelter dogs daily need 25 kilo of dog food and that the Bonaire shelter spayed/neutered 800 pets in 2 years. That is more than 1 a day and for free…at no costs! And did you know that in 2010 there were 53 cats adopted from the shelter and that we use 5 cubic meters of water each day…

You want to know more shelter statistcs, watch the video below!

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