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THE SHELTER IS FULL! Animal Shelter Bonaire has taken in 110 surrendered or abandoned dogs/puppies and cats/kittens just since July 1!! We are at the limit of the number of animals we can handle and as result can accept animals by appointment only. Currently, appointments are being made for September. As a result of this overwhelming influx, the drop off cage (Kouchi pa Bestia) at the rear gate of the shelter is locked. If you or someone you know needs to surrender an animal or finds an animal, please call the shelter at 717-4989/701-4989 and we will make an appointment for you to bring in the animal(s). We will try to accommodate you as quickly as possible.
SPAY/NEUTER UPDATE: As of August 14, Animal Shelter Bonaire has sponsored 346 free spay/neuters for cats and dogs, one of our best years yet. But as mentioned above, the number of unwanted animals continues to grow. The Shelter constantly promotes and educates on the urgent need to sterilize companion animals. You can help us in two ways: 1) Make all your friends and neighbors aware of the need to spay/neuter their pets and of the Shelter’s free program; and 2) Support our free sterilization program with a donation of any amount so we can continue this much needed effort.
REMINDER: ANIMAL SHELTER BOARDING WILL BE CLOSED. Animal Shelter Bonaire boarding facilities for dogs will be closed from September 9 to November 17. Due to the increase of animals being surrendered to the shelter we are expanding our quarantine area which requires moving the boarding facility to another location. The construction will take place during those months. If you are in need of boarding facilities during that time, the Shelter suggests that you contact Jellastone Pet Park at 770-4651 to determine if they have available space.
VOLUNTEERS play a crucial role in the operation of Animal Shelter Bonaire. We are always in need of volunteers, particularly these days with the increasing number of animals in residence. We are especially short on volunteers on Tuesdays and Saturdays. If you have a couple hours to spare on those mornings, or any morning, please email us at animalshelterbonaire@gmail.com or stop by and see us and meet all the grateful cats and dogs you can help.