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Shelter needs donations to keep sterilization program going

sterilization Program Bonny SuperdogThe Shelter’s Sterilization Program, “Bonny Superdog,” is still going full speed, but to keep up with the demand they desperately need donations to keep the program going. If you can help – any amount is more than welcome – you may do it in several ways. Cash donations are always appreciated.

Look for the dog house donation boxxes in many shops and businesses or at the Shelter. SupportBonaire provides a way for Americans to donate to their favorite causes and claim charitable deductions on their American income tax. Support Bonaire website now accepts credit card donations for the Shelter. Or you may donate via the bank: Animal Shelter Bonaire, RBTT Bank Antilles, Bonaire Branch, Account # 23.10.139. BIC: RBTTANCU SWIFT: ABNANL2A

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