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Shelter auction was a big success !

Shelter Manager Marlies Tiepel writes: “We made $15,000 at the Shelter Auction on December 10! This was the most successful fundraising event ever for the Shelter. And actually we made more because a Dutch animal welfare fund, Dierenlot (www.dier.nu), doubled the first $1,750 we raised that evening, so we raised $16,750 ($15,000 + $1,750)!

We sold 110 dinner tickets for a fantastic Indonesian meal. The chefs were Rosita Paiman, Boudewijn Scholts and Jerry van de Weteringe. The auction was organized by Annemarie Rozendal and she did a great job!
With the money we made that evening we going to build a totally new cage for the dogs!”

Bonaire Reporter – Dec. 23, 2011– Jan. 6, 2012

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