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SGB students working voluntarily on Animal Shelter

CarlosSGB High School students Lauriane Ammerlaan and Carlos Martis are donating 30 hours to working voluntarily on a social studies community project, in this case, the Bonaire Animal Shelter. Both VWO students are in the Nature and Health section of the school and have two years to go before they graduate. Here at the Shelter they bathe, clean, medicate and socialize with the dogs and cats. The students had other jobs from which to choose in their General Social Studies subject of working with non-profit organizations: working with the elderly, SEBIKI (young children), kresh (nursery school), Donkey Sanctuary, tutoring, reading at the primary school, STCB (turtles), flight simulator group and others. But Lauriane and Carlos chose the Animal Shelter because of their love of animals and their eagerness to learn more about them. Their biology teacher can attest to that and says that both students are hard working and serious.

LaurianeLauriane wants to learn about natural medicines and hopes to work in the health field in third world countries. She’s already gaining information about natural remedies from some of the elderly people on Bonaire, most particularly from a 93-year-old lady from Tera Kora.

Carlos wants to be a doctor/surgeon. After SGB he hopes to continue his education in Holland. His dream is to open a good hospital here on Bonaire with all the facilities so that patients don’t have to go to Curaçao for treatment; it can all be done here.

Lauriane is holding two black and white kitten brothers, “Fred” and “Fabian.” They’re about two months old and so sweet and affectionate. Even with all the bad weather and rain in the cat cage these two kept their good dispositions. Carlos is posing with “Lars,” a big dog with a presence! Lars followed a runner from Republique to Hato, having a wonderful time. He so delighted the runner that the person wanted to keep him but couldn’t because she already has two dogs. So she brought him to the Shelter. He’d make a great “jogging partner,” says Lauriane. And living on a kunuku would be good too as he could guard it well. Lars is about 1 ½ to 2 years old and is in excellent condition.

You may see these pets at the Bonaire Animal Shelter on the Lagoen road, open Monday through Saturday, 9 am to 1 pm, 3 to 5 pm., Tel. 717-4989.

L.D. Bonaire Reporter Oct.24 – Nov 7, 2008.

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