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Queenie and her kittens

Pet of the week Bonaire july 2010 QueenieJust a few days ago this mother cat, “Queenie”, was brought into the Bonaire Animal Shelter. She had been found by a Good Samaritan with her two new born kittens: one black and one striped like its mom. Then, a few days later someone found another newborn kitten, a black and white one, and brought it into the Shelter to hopefully save its life.
Usually a kitten as young as this with no mother is sure to die, but when the new kitten was brought to Queenie, she immediately adopted it as her own and began feeding and cleaning it. That’s why she’s named Queenie – she’s a queen among cats. What a fine character this cat has! After her motherly duties are finished Queenie will be sterilized and put up for adoption so she will have an opportunity for a happy life. You may see her and her kittens at the Shelter.

Bonaire Reporter– July 16-30, 2010, Story & photo by Laura DeSalvo

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