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Pets of the week: Ursula, Maurice and Grover the friendly felines

Justin, Jordan and the Friendly Felines
Justin, Jordan and the Friendly Felines

No matter the age or gender,it seems no one can resist giving and getting a little love from the friendly felines at the Bonaire Animal Shelter. Two of the Shelter’s strong, young male helpers took some time out from their Shelter duties to enjoy some kitty love. Pelikaan school students, Justin and Jordan are enjoying the soft and gentle affections of “Ursula,” “Maurice” and “Grover,” three very special Shelter cats.

Ursula, the 10-week old red tabby kitten in the arms of Justin, is a rarity. The majority of all red tabbies are male, but Ursula, as her name indicates, is all girl! She has recently become the very best friend of Maurice, the red tabby male in the middle of the boys,who was recently featured as a Pet of the Week. Seems Maurice realizes what a rare beauty Ursula is and has decided she is the girl of his dreams and they are constant companions. Jordan is holding Grover, a black and white kitten with his own special story. He and his sister Banjo arrived at the Shelter motherless at only three weeks old. Shelter staffer Regina Schouten took them home and hand fed them every four hours until they were old enough to eat on their own and join the rest of the Shelter’s cat family. The result, Grover and Banjo LOVE people. Their purr engines are up and running at the first sign of human touch. Each of these lovely cats…and plenty more….are available for adoption and ready to share that special feline love with you and your family.

Jane Madden, Bonaire Reporter– Oct. 28-Nov. 11, 2011

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