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Pets of the week: Sammy and Holly

Pets of the week: Sammy and Holly
Pets of the week: Sammy and Holly

Sammy Sellars from San Diego, California, made his first visit to Bonaire last week and one of the things he wanted to do was to visit the Bonaire Animal Shelter, especially the cat cage.

Sammy has his own tuxedo cat, “George,” at home. At the Shelter right now there are so many cats to choose from – kittens, young cats, older cats, all different colors. It was difficult for him to pick one to pose with. But here he is with darling “Holly,” a beautiful young black, white and gray kitten who’s like a purr machine. She cuddled up with Sammy and really hoped he’d bring her home with him on the plane. That didn’t happen but everyone had a good time anyway. Holly has a brother, “Harry,” and the two of them together are a fun loving pair.

All the cats up for adoption are healthy and sociable. They’ve been examined by the vet, given their tests for feline leukemia, wormed, given their shots and will be sterilized when they’re old enough. All this is included in the cat adoption fee of $55.

After his Shelter visit Sammy got a Shelter T-Shirt, that are for sale at the Shelter gift shop. They are very cool shirts and it’s a great way to help support our Shelter.
There are all colors and sizes, adults and children. (Note: A number of animals have been adopted from the Shelter and brought home with their new owners to Europe or the US. The Shelter can take care of nearly everything, including putting in a micro chip).

Laura DeSalvo, Bonaire Reporter – July 8-22, 2011

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