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Pets of the week: lovely white cats Yves and Carla

Pet of the week Yves and Carla feb 2011The following is written by cat queen, Jane Disko Madden, because she really knows these cats, inside and out!

“The expression, ‘opposites attract,’ doesn’t mean anything to these two lovely white cats! Little Carla, about eight weeks old, with one green eye and one blue eye, immediately bonded with an older Shelter resident who is just as white as she is. Yves, is a big strong boy, 10 pounds plus, with knowing amber eyes and a gentle, loving personality. Carla is a little tomboy (she was raised with two brothers) and can hold her own with kittens even twice her size. Yves, being a mature three year old, prefers to just lie around in his basket until someone comes along to pick him up. He’ll wrap himself around you and settle in for some serious cuddling.”

Bonaire Reporter– February 11-25, 2011

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