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Pet of the week: Prince Edward the Tuxedo Cat

Merle and “Prince” Edward
Merle and “Prince” Edward

Merle Marsman, a student at the Aquamarin School, got a nice surprise as part of her 8th birthday celebration: a trip to the Bonaire Animal Shelter. Meeting all the pets was a special treat as her own two cats at home came from the Shelter.  Here’s Merle enjoying a cuddle with “Edward.”

Thanks to Jane Madden for the following biography of Edward. “Edward, affectionately known to the Shelter staff as Prince Edward, is a delightful four-month old kitten who is a classic Tuxedo Cat. As the name implies,  the white paws, chest and belly of his coat resembles a tuxedo. They are also sometimes called “Jellicle Cats” which comes from T.S. Eliot’s poem made popularly famous in the musical play “Cats.” Many people claim that Tuxedo Cats are significantly smarter than an average cat, and Edward certainly lives up to that reputation.

Many of the Shelter staff spend a lot of time just watching Edward play as he obviously has a vivid imagination that sparks laughter in any onlooker. A leaf becomes a giant monster that Edward attacks by puffing up his fur and jumping at it sideways. A hanging stuffed toy must be approached on his two back legs and embraced in a giant hug. And the list goes on. Edward is a good candidate for someone who is looking to have only one cat as he can certainly entertain himself, but he also loves to play with others and so will fit right into a multi-cat home. After his play sessions, he’s ready to be held and loved and purrs like a fine-tuned engine. Edward has long legs and will be a tall, slim and handsome adult.

Whoever adopts the lovable Prince Edward will join the ranks of Sir Isaac Newton, William Shakespeare and Beethoven….all Tuxedo Cat lovers and owners.”

You may meet Edward and the other adoptees at the Shelter on the Lagoen Road, open Monday through Saturday, 9 am to 1 pm, 3 to 5 pm. Tel. 717-4989.

Laura DeSalvo, Bonaire Reporter, October 8-22, 2010

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