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Pet of the Week: Mack

Mack“Mack” is a tall, slender, handsome dog whose personality can sometimes lie hidden because he is shy.
Mack is about 1½ years old and was found at Punt Vierkant when he was only three months old. The other dogs he lives with in his kennel are much more noisy and rambunctious, so Mack appears like a
shy, “shrinking violet.” But, as the staff says, once he knows you he will trust and love you. And he has a fine character that makes it easy for you to fall in love with him too.

The best owner for him would be someone, an adult, who has patience and spare time to work with him, and in turn Mack can bring love and devotion into that person’s life. He is in excellent health,
having had his shots, worming, sterilization and even an ID chip.

Bonaire Animal Shelter dogs are truly “good bets!” Ask anyone who has adopted one!

Bonaire Reporter, Laura DeSalvo, September 2-16, 2013

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