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Pet of the week: Kevin the beautiful, long haired tabby cat


Kevin” is a recent arrival at the Bonaire Animal Shelter and is one of the most beautiful, long haired tabby cats the Shelter has ever seen.  He is only seven months old and will grow to be a fairly large and stunning young man with distinctive gold, black and brown markings and long, luxurious whiskers. Kevin is shy on first approach, but once you begin stroking his long, soft fur he melts in your arms, the purr engine starts and he begs for belly rubs! He is quiet and very laid back, not particularly interested in interaction with other cats but coexists very peacefully with his current 27 roommates. Kevin is ideal  for someone looking for a companion cat… a cat that is affectionate and actively desires human contact. Kevin is ready to come into your heart and your home.

Story & photo by Jane Madden, Bonaire Reporter– April 8-29, 2011

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