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Pet of the Week: Iggy,” the Interactive Cat”

Regina and Iggy
Regina and Iggy

Some people claim they would love to have a cat but they find them aloof and standoffish and want a pet that is more attentive. Well, if you are one of those people the Shelter has the “purrfect” cat for you….”Iggy,” the Interactive Cat!

Iggy is the most affectionate, social cat that you will find. Give him the invitation and he will leap onto your shoulders and hang around your neck all day long. He talks to you, gives kisses and purrs with a loud chirping sound as long as he is near you. The most amazing thing is that he understands the word “no”…..a word that is not normally in a cat’s vocabulary! When you decide that you’ve had enough of his attention and you don’t want him around your neck anymore, simply put him down on the floor, point your finger at him and say “no.” Iggy then gives you a very sad, pouty look but immediately lies down and leaves you alone until you invite him up for the next round of affection. Iggy truly is an interactive cat! And he’s gorgeous… dark orange silky soft fur and beautiful facial markings and expressions. He is about one year old, sterilized, healthy and ready to interact with anyone who wants to share in some purr-fect feline love.

You may meet Iggy and the other pets up for adoption at the Bonaire Animal Shelter on the Lagoen Road. Open Monday through Saturday, 8am-1pm and 3 to 5pm. Telephone 717-4989. It’s always up to date.

Story byJane Madden Disko/Laura DeSalvo , Bonaire Reporter, January 6-20, 2012

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