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Pet of the week: Guy, the intelligent little guy

Guy, the intelligent guy

Jane Madden, the Lady Cat Guru, knows the Bonaire Animal Shelter’s cat cage residents like her own family. So of course it is she who can best describe one of the current favorites, “Guy,” who is this edition’s “Pet of the Week.”

Jane writes: “Guy arrived with his brothers Gus and Gibi as very young kittens. The boys are now about seven months old and constantly entertaining the Shelter staff. The antics of the Ggang could make a statue laugh! Guy is particularly noteworthy due to his incredibly knowing and intelligent eyes. That’s how he got his name….a staff member noted, “He looks like such an intelligent little guy!” And it turned out to be true. Although the smallest of the G-gang he is the boss and he certainly knows how to woo visitors. He simply sits at your feet and stares up at you with those incredible eyes and you can’t help but swoop him up and cuddle im….”Mission accomplished” says Guy’s eyes!”

As are all of the adoptees at the Shelter Guy has been checked out by the vet, given his shots, worming and sterilization when he’s old enough. All this included in the cat adoption fee of NAƒ 95. Not only are the cats in perfect health but they’re “social” as well! See Guy and his colleagues at the Shelter on the Lagoen Road, open Monday through Saturday, 9 am to 1 pm, 3 to 5 pm.

Story and photo by Laura DeSalvo Bonaire Reporter– November 5-19, 2010

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