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Pet of the Week: Eppo the kitten with both personality and looks

Pet of the week: Handsome Eppo
Pet of the week: Handsome Eppo

When “Eppo” first arrived at the Bonaire Animal Shelter, he spent most of his time hiding behind his mom. As an “only” kitten he didn’t play much with the other kittens and preferred to play with mom. But Eppo has evolved….and what a difference a month makes! After watching and waiting, Eppo has emerged from his shell and become a handsome, playful and affectionate young cat. He is the ring leader of kitten play and a hunter of extraordinary talent. He has taught all the young ones the finer techniques of kitten play-fighting that he learned from his mom. When play time is over, he literally takes them under his wing and watches over the bunch with his arms around them during nap time.

He  has recently revealed his secret desire for human interaction…..belly rubs and ear scratches while you sing to him! Eppo has both personality and looks. He has soft, semi-long fur with a striking black and grey bushy tail. His nose is dark grey with a tiny spot of pink right in the center. And those eyes!…grey green with tiny flecks of blue. Eppo is about five months old, healthy, vaccinated and ready to add fun and feline affection to a good home.

He and his shelter mates are waiting for a visit for those interested in adopting a cat or dog. Shelter hours are Monday through Saturday, 8am to 1 pm and 3 to 5 pm. Adoption fees include current vaccinations and sterilization.

Bonaire Reporter, Jane Madden-Disko – July 20-Aug.3, 2012

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