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Pet of the week: Emma the true “Bonairean Ridgeback

Pet of the week: Emma
Pet of the week: Emma

It’s puppy time again at the Bonaire Animal Shelter and one of the cutest is “Emma.” She’s a true “Bonairean Ridgeback” and such a darling pup. Emma is about three months old and based on her current personality she should grow up to be a perfect companion and watch dog. She’s full of fun and loves people. Her short, easy-to-care-for coat gives her a sleek and smart look, showing off that distinctive ridgeback hairstyle. She’s a dog to enjoy right now while she’s still young and impressionable. As are all the other adoptees at the Shelter.

Emma has been checked out by the vet, given her shots and will be sterilized when she’s old enough. See her at the Shelter on the Lagoen Road, open Monday through Saturday, 8am to 1 pm and 3 to 5 pm. Tel. 717-4989.

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