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Pet of the week: Elizabeth, a very rare beauty

Elisabeth the cat, a rare beauty
Elisabeth the cat, a rare beauty

Jane Madden, one of the spokespersons from the Bonaire Animal Shelter’s cat cage residents, writes about our Pet of the Week, “Elizabeth.” “Elizabeth is a very rare beauty! Red and white female cats are quite uncommon… and Elizabeth carries her colors with regal bearing.

She is only five months old but already has a strong and sturdy physique unlike most female cats and will be a beautiful adult queen. Her exceptional beauty is accentuated by amber eyes that are deep and soulful. Elizabeth has a gentle and loving demeanor and loves to be handled and carried…but bring out the toys and the royal robes are off and she’s a fun-loving kitten at play. She loves other cats, dogs but is perfectly happy with just human companionship.”

The adoption fee for cats is NAƒ 95 and that includes tests for feline leukemia,shots, worming and even sterilization. You can be assured you’re getting a healthy and sociable pet when you adopt from our Shelter.

Story by Laura DeSalvo/Jane Madden, Bonaire Reporter– Aug. 27-Sept. 10, 2010

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