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Pet of the Week: Charlene the foxy looking cute dog

Volunteer Heleen and Charlene
Volunteer Heleen and Charlene

A familiar sight at the Bonaire Animal Shelter is a volunteer having a one-to-one experience with one of the pets. Often the pet is getting groomed  or checked for ticks or played with, all part of the care and socialization process that makes the dogs and cats such good candidates for adoption.

Our pet this week is “Charlene,” getting special attention from volunteer Heleen. Both seem to be having a good time. Not only is Charlene such a foxy looking cute dog but she one of the most self confident pets at the Shelter. She knows what she wants. If there is a problem with the other younger dogs she jumps in and settles things. The others look up to her. She was brought into the Shelter in August and is about nine months now, still a youngster but with an old wise way about her. Of course as are all the pets up for adoption Charlene has had her exam by the vet, her shots, worming,  testing and sterilization.

The adoption fee for dogs is NAƒ 125. That includes all of the above plus an ID chip which the vet inserts so that the dog is eligible for travel.

Lauara DeSalvo, Bonaire Reporter– Nov. 19-Dec. 3, 2010

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