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Oscar: the handsome young gentleman

OscarOscar’s good friend, Shelter volunteer Jane Madden, wrote his biography this week: “That handsome young gentleman is Oscar…and he truly is a gentleman. Although less than a year old he has the manners and demeanor of a mature, content cat. He gets along famously with all his roommates, young, old, male or female. No roughhousing or showing off…Finn Monique and catsOscar is willing to snuggle up and snooze with anyone who wants to cuddle with  him…including people. His coat is a soft and gorgeous deep orange/red, a very unusual color for cats on Bonaire. Oscar would make a fine addition to any  home…he is comfortable with other animals and children or would be just as happy to be an ‘only cat.’

Laura DeSalvo, Bonaire Reporter – Dec. 11 -25, 2009

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