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Bonaire Cat

New: Bonaire Cat Cam

In december 2013 The Animal Shelter Bonaire held an Indonesian diner and art auction. The proceeds of this fundraising activity went entirely to the building of the new cat compound. And almost one year later the new cat compound -or more appropriate: the cat palace- is completed. This means that all the shelter cats will be moved from the old, leaking, uncomfortable cat compound to the new “superdeluxe cat palace”. And everyone around the world can be a live witness of this event because the shelter has launched a web cam to allow feline fans a view of adoptable cats in the Bonaire shelter.
Watch the catcam on fridaymorning the 28 of november on www.bonairecatcam.com

The new cat palace of the Shelter Bonaire will be officialy opened on saturday december 13.
Everyone is invited, especially all our feline friends.