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Michelle, visitor of the island

Visitor to the island, Michelle Sellars, cuddles up with puppy “Isabel” at the Bonaire Animal Shelter. Michelle is a volunteer at a Shelter in the Los Angeles area and she had to come and see this very well run one here on Bonaire. According to the Shelter managers visitors are always welcome at the Shelter to pet the dogs and cats and play with them.

It’s fun for the people and the animals love it. Little Isabel is only about three and a half months old. She was brought in with her sister who has already been adopted. Isabel is a lovely brindle-gray and brown-with longish hair and a short tail. She’ll remain small, a lap-lover size, and is very affectionate, as you can tell from the photo. She’s not a dominant sort, more of an easy going, life loving kind of girl.

She’s been examined by the vet and declared healthy, has had her tests, worming, shots and will be sterilized when she’s old enough. All this is included in the dog adoption fee of NAf105! Now all she needs is a loving owner who will appreciate her special qualities.

The Shelter is on the Lagoen Road, open Monday through Saturday, 9 am to 1 pm, 3 to 5 pm. Telephone 717-4989.

By:  L.D. – Bonaire Reporter, July 11-25, 2008

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