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Sanne and Rocky

Meet our newest team member

Sanne Attevelt has joined the staff of Animal Shelter Bonaire and we are so pleased to have her! Sanne was born in Utrecht and moved to Bonaire with her family in 2007. In 2013, she returned to the Netherlands to work as hospitality manager for Shell in the Hague.

While at Shell, Sanne had some interesting experiences that believe it or not included animal care. Some of the Arab dignitaries visiting Shell required that live camels be present at their visit to bring them good luck. Sanne ended up caring for the camels during their “stay” at the Hague…..makes scooping poop at the Shelter seem like child’s play!

Sanne moved back to Bonaire in 2017 with her “baby”, Rocky, a two year old “pit bull”. Asked about her experience so far on the Shelter team, Sanne said: “It fills my heart with joy to work with all the animals at the shelter and with such great colleagues”. Pass by the Animal Shelter Bonaire and meet our new team member.

Sanne and Rocky