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One of the cutest young pups at the Bonaire Animal Shelter is “Jackie.” She was one of a litter of four puppies. Two of her siblings were sold and she and her sister, “Jill,” were brought into the Shelter to be put up for adoption. Their mother is being sterilized so she can lead a life unencumbered by having unwanted litters of puppies in the future.

One of the really nice things about Jackie is that because she was with the family that owns her mother she was treated very well and consequently is a well adjusted, happy pup. She’s so sweet and used to people and such a friendly one. Jackie is about three months old and looks like she’s wearing a tuxedo with white shoes that contrast so well with her black wire haired coat. She’ll most likely remain a smaller dog but she’s big on personality! Jackie has been examined by the vet, has had her shots, worming and will be sterilized when she’s old enough.

You may see her at the Shelter on the Lagoen Road, open Monday through Saturday, 9 am to 1 pm and 3 to 5 pm. Telephone 717-4989. Big birthday news from the Shelter.

On August 3 they will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the opening of the Shelter. In the next issue we will have a report from the founder, Louise Rood, on what it was like in those early days. They’ve come a long way, Baby!

By: L.D. – Bonaire Reporter, July 25-August 8, 2008

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