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Is your pet the next Naomi Campbell???

Is your pet destined for stardom?
Is your pet destined for stardom?

A Special Event on Saturday, June 2, will be a fundraising Photo Shoot put on by The Bonaire Animal Shelter and Bon Photo.

The professionals from BonPhoto Bonaire will be on site at Pakus di Pruga to photograph your pet. Is your pet destined for stardom? So if you want your dog or cat to be the next Naomi Campbell or Doutzen Kroes, please let BonPhoto take a picture of your pet and make your animal famous! And it helps support the Shelter to take in unwanted cats and dogs!

The photoshoot will be at the Pakus di Pruga at Kaminda Lib. Simon Bolivar, in front of Brandaris Café on Saturday June 2, from 10am to 5 pm.

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