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Her name is Lola

LolaHer name is “Lola,” and maybe she is a dancer… like the song says. This Lola came into the Bonaire Animal Shelter with her long black fur all matted and dirty. What a mess. The staff washed her, tried to comb her and ended up having to cut nearly all her fur off. But that was awhile ago and now she’s looking better every day.
Curly and cute and energetic and sweet. Lola is about eight months old and in perfect condition, both inside and out. Not only that but she is a good hunter too. That should appeal to those people who want a pet who can discourage marauding lizards and iguanas from eating their plants!

Remember too that the dog adoption fee of NAƒ 105 covers her vet exam, tests, worming, shots and even sterilization. And you can be assured of getting a fine healthy and social pet when you adopt from the Shelter.
It’s on the Lagoen Road, open Monday through Saturday, 9 am to 1 pm and 3 to 5 pm. Tel. 717-4989. Looking for a worthwhile Christmas gift for someone who has everything?

How about a contribution in that person’s name to the Shelter’s “Bonny Superdog Sterilization program.” Monetary donations can be made via bank transfer Account number Animal Shelter Bonaire: 23.10.139,
RBTT Bank Antilles, Bonaire Branch,
Address bank: Kaya Korona 15, Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles.
SWIFT: ABNANL2A Please tag your bank transfer: Bonny Superdog.

Support Bonaire provides a way for US citizens to donate to their favorite Bonaire causes and claim charitable deduction on their American income tax. The Support Bonaire website now accepts credit card donations for the Bonaire Animal Shelter. Of course, cash donations are always appreciated. Look for the dog house donation boxes in many shops and businesses or on the shelter on Bonaire.

Laura DeSalvo, Bonaire Reporter,  Dec. 25, 2009- Jan. 8, 2010

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