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Friday the 13th and black cats are considered GOOD LUCK on Bonaire

carmen & kittensIn many places, black cats and Friday the 13th are considered signs of bad luck. But here on Bonaire, where life is different, these things turn out to be signs of good luck!

On February 12 two very concerned Bonaire visitors brought a small, black, golden-eyed female cat to the Bonaire Animal Shelter. Their concern was over some wild dogs that had been killing cats in the area. The two women said they believed the cat was pregnant and did not want her and her soon-to-arrive kittens to be in danger. The sweet little cat, given the name, “Carmen,” was settled into a comfortable cage at the Shelter with food and water and was to be evaluated the next day as to her condition. The next morning, Friday the 13th, the Shelter staff was greeted by Carmen and four tiny, healthy, jet black kittens! Carmen was trusting enough to let the staff hold her tiny babies from the very first day. What a stroke of luck for Carmen that the two tourists cared enough to remove her from harm’s way just hours before she gave birth. The kittens are developing quickly and are a source of joy for Shelter staff and visitors. Carmen and her babies will be ready for adoption once the kittens are between six and eight weeks old. (Ed. Note: The kittens will be six weeks on Friday, this week, March 27.)

You may see Carmen, her babies and the other animals up for adoption at the Shelter on the Lagoen Road, open Monday through Saturday, 9 am to 1 pm, 3 to 5 m. Tel. 717-4989.

Story & photos Jane Disko Madden, Bonaire Reporter- March 27-April 10, 2009

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