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Fantastic Guard dog Zack

Pet of the week Zach sept 2009Here’s a dog that could be an answer to someone’s dream. He’s a fantastic guard dog with a deep bark but his short legs keep him from jumping over a fence or wall! What a combination. You don’t have to build up your wall or fence to contain him!

He’s Zacharius, “Zack” for short (pardon the pun). This handsome fellow is about five months old and is in perfect form. He has a well balanced assertive manner that shows he has self confidence. His cropped caramel colored fur is easy to care for and he was inquisitive deep brown eyes.

Of course he, as are all the other pets for adoption at the Bonaire Animal Shelter, is in top health and is social with people and other pets (but not with burglars!).

L.D. Bonaire Reporter- Aug. 21-Sept. 4, 2009

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