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Christmas is coming

Germaine bordjesChristmas is coming and a perfect gift that can make everyone happy is a Bonaire Animal Shelter T-shirt. They’re NAƒ 12 for kids. Tank tops are NAƒ 15 and Tees are NAƒ 22. There’s a fine selection at the Shelter itself, at Carib Inn and on cruise ship days (see Happenings section) they’re sold at the Animal Shelter stand at the crafts market at Wilhelmina Park.

According to the staff at the Shelter, gift giving should not include animals – as the gift. People need to pick out their own pets and although the thought might be nice it’s not fair to the pet or the person who receives it. Choosing a pet is a serious and responsible matter and the owner must be ready and able to take on the training and care of a new dog or cat. There have been cases at the Shelter where a pet was given to someone who couldn’t do that and the pet had to be returned; stress for all, especially the pet.

L.D. Bonaire Reporter December 5-19, 2008

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