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Bonaire Animal Shelter has sterilized more than 200 dogs

Nikita, Radinka and Marlies
Nikita, Radinka and Marlies and puppies

On May 15th. the Bonaire Animal Shelter started Bonny the Superdog, a free sterilization campaign for pets. As a result, 200 dogs and 20 cats have been sterilized.

Too many dogs on Bonaire.
Bonaire’s dog population is enormous and growing. Many dogs roam loose and females often get pregnant at an early age. As a result, new puppies are born daily and many do not have a home. They often become strays–looking for food, becoming sick and aggressive, causing trouble. Because of these problems, about 1000 dogs are put to sleep annually. We can prevent this senseless suffering.

Already 200 dogs sterilized!
In the last 3 months, the Bonaire Animal Shelter has sterilized 200 dogs and 20 cats. Potentially, each female dog can give birth to 10 puppies a year. If 200 female dogs are sterilized, there will be 2000 fewer puppies born. 2000 additional dogs would be extremely problematic for a small island like Bonaire. Many of these dogs would end up roaming the streets, and living a terrible life of hunger and disease.

Help needed
Bonny the Superdog is a sterilization campaign financed by the Bonaire Animal Shelter. To date, the shelter has received much support from their employees, volunteers, veterinarians and others who worked hard everyday to make this campaign successful.

But to continue the sterilization campaign, we need money. You cam help by making a financial donation!

Every dog a Superdog!
So far, 200 dogs have been sterilized. Our goal is to sterilize 500 more! This will allow the Bonaire Animal Shelter to make a positive contribution in reducing the suffering of problem dogs on Bonaire. Every dog deserves to be a Bonaire Superdog!

For more information about the sterilization campaign, please contact us:

Animal Shelter Bonaire
Kaminda Lagun 26, Bonaire
Phone: 717-4989
Website: Bonny the Superdog

Maduro & Curiel’s Bank account # 102.378.00
RBTT Bank account # 23.10.139

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