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These two handsome young men are inseparable! They eat together, sleep together, chill together, walk shoulder to shoulder together, and are always ready for human attention together. Both seven months old, Yuki (silky black panther) is about a week older than Bali (sleek, shiny tabby). Yuki arrived with his sister after being rescued by Dierenhulp, a few weeks later, Bali’s owner passed away and he and two siblings arrived at the Shelter. But neither were interested in hanging out with the family! The two boys bonded immediately and have been best friends ever since.

The Shelter would really love to have these two handsome boys go to the same fur-ever home, they are so close that it would be really sad if they are separated. Yuki and Bali are both very laid-back kittens, always ready for love and attention from humans….and mostly sleeping or cuddling together the rest of the time. They are definitely not high maintenance cats and would be a loving and warm addition to any home. Two is often better than one as these two keep each other company when you are at work or away.

Please come and meet Yuki and Bali, you will surely fall in love with these buddies just as the Shelter staff has. Call or Whatsapp 701-4989 to make an appointment to meet them.