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Animal Shelter thanks Bonaire Talk Community and especially Kobi

Kobi and Charley
"Assistant manager" Charlie showing his gratitude to Kobi for the precious medicine.

Kobi Lloyd of Virginia, a frequent Bonaire visitor, recently asked the Bonaire Animal Shelter if there were any pressing needs at the Shelter as she was going to be visiting Bonaire the week of May 17 and  could “mule” down whatever was needed.

Shelter staff told her that they were in need of specific prescription de-worming  medicine for new arrivals but that the cost was quite high. Never one to back away from a challenge, Kobi posted on Bonaire Talk that over $800 was needed to buy the prescription meds for the shelter. The Bonaire Talk community responded overwhelmingly and the money was raised in just a few days and the medicines arrived as promised.

A huge thank you to Kobi and all the generous Bonaire Talkers who have made life better for the Shelter residents.
Story & photo by Jane Madden

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