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Bon Doet

Animal Shelter Bonaire joins Bon Doet

The Animal Shelter Bonaire and Pakhus di Pruga both join BON DOET on the 11th and 12th of March 2016, the biggest volunteer event on Bonaire!

Each year BON DOET, the largest volunteer event on Bonaire, sends a huge wave of positive energy reverberating throughout our island, leaving a massive impact on everyone involved.

The Animal Shelter Bonaire and its thBon Doetrift shop Pakhus di Pruga are also very excited to be a part of Bon Doet this year again. Pakhus di Pruga will kick-off the celebrating 6th edition of Bon Doet on Friday morning the 11th of March from 8 am until 3 pm with an amazing group of volunteers. In the afternoon from 1 pm until 5 pm and the day after on Saturday the 12th from 1pm until 5pm construction will start at the Animal Shelter Bonaire to make much needed improvement to the dog kennels roofs and floors, to keep them safe, dry and healthy.

Would you like to do something fun and have time available to help out or show your support for the Animal Shelter Bonaire in any other way please get in contact. Pass by the Animal Shelter Bonaire at Kaminda Lagun 26 or e-mail the Animal Shelter Bonaire or call 7014989/7174989 or call the NGO Platform Bonaire at 717-2366.