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While every adoption is cause for celebration at Animal Shelter Bonaire, the adoption of a long term resident is even more gratifying and special. In the past few weeks, three of our long term residents finally found their “fur-ever” homes. Here are their stories.

Sweet Uma had been living at the shelter for about two years having arrived as a pup at the age of four months. Because she was a very shy and sensitive dog, she remained living in the “puppy kennel” with the younger dogs during those two years waiting for her knight in shining armor. One day her hero arrived, in the form of Aart….a dedicated volunteer whose regular task is cleaning and caring for the puppy kennel. Over many weeks Aart and Uma bonded and Aart realized how special Uma was. He and his wife Cobi decided that Uma was meant to share their home. Thank you Aart and Cobi for making a wonderful life for Uma!

Katie and her sister arrived as puppies well over a year ago, both playful and full of energy. Katie’s sister was quickly adopted and Katie eventually “graduated” from the puppy kennel to one of the adult kennels. She remained a loving and energetic dog, affectionate and very appreciative of human interaction. Katie patiently waited for her turn to find her special human family. Ilse and Martin came to the shelter looking for that special dog to share their home and easily mingle with the guests at their tourist accommodations. Katie’s big smile and friendly demeanor was finally noticed and appreciated and she now enjoys the “good life”. Thank you Ilse and Martin for opening your hearts to Katie!

Beautiful Roxy arrived at the shelter two and a half years ago with her mom Rachel, brother Rambo and sister Ruby. The kittens were barely 3 weeks old at that time. Over the years, Rachel, Ruby and Rambo eventually achieved the dream of a “fur-ever” home but Roxy remained at the shelter. Roxy is sweet and affectionate and extremely photogenic, always “posing” for photos. She was Pet of the Week on more than one occasion but it seems it took some time for her to find her human “soulmate”. Just a few weeks ago Asha and Roxy met and the search was over. Roxy is now perpetually posing and playing in her own loving home. Thank you Asha for giving Roxy the life she deserves.